True Health Fitness is Abbotsford’s Premier Private Personal Training Studio!

Conveniently located in the heart of historic Downtown Abbotsford.
Easy access from George Ferguson Way, Hwy #1 and Abbotsford-Mission Hwy. Within walking distance of near-by shops and amenities where you can enjoy post-workout green-drinks, dairy-free-smoothies, gluten-free snacks, organic healthy meals – or shop Saturdays Local Farmers Market.

Our Studio is comfortable, motivating and welcoming!
Members enjoy personalized training plans to achieve their desired goals.

Be guided through movement, nutrition, lifestyle, fitness tips and healthy living advice conducive to true health!

Highly-trained, well-educated and fully-certified, our Abbotsford Studio offers clean, high-end equipment in a beautiful boutique facility with spa-like amenities.

TRUE HEALTH FITNESS isn’t a crowded gym – its a fitness oasis!


  • boosted metabolism
  • stiletto-worthy legs
  • burning body fat
  • long-lean thighs
  • weight loss / weight balance
  • lifted-firm seat
  • more endorphins (“happy juice)
  • tight-toned arms
  • decrease inflammation
  • sexy-sculpted shoulders
  • reduce anxiety and depression
  • chiseled-tight abs
  • increase neurotransmitter activity
  • fabulous flexibility
  • healthy distraction (“coping” mechanism)
  • pretty posture
  • lymphatic drainage
  • orthopaedic core conditioning
  • re-ignite libido
  • improved outlook on life
  • hormone balance
  • ability to overcome stress
  • improve digestion (“bowel” behaviour)
  • sky-high confidence
  • improve liver detoxification
  • youthful vitality
  • improve heart health
  • strut into summer season
  • improve mental health
  • fit into your ‘skinny’ jeans


Abbotsford Fitness Studio Personal Trainer Private Gym Studio

Self-care can appear “selfish” because everybody else needs you!

Your kids. Your spouse.

Your boss. Your coworker.

Your friends. Your family.

The car needs gas.

The fridge needs filling.

Dinner needs prepping.

Your to-do-list never ends.

Anxious thoughts and un-welcome mental-chatter take up residence in our precious head space.

Leaving one feeling empty and depleted – while we keep others full and satisfied.

At True Health Fitness – we believe self-care is the LEAST selfish thing you can do.

Ever notice the flight attendants on an airplane instruct passengers that

 “In case of emergency – Put your own oxygen mask on first”

Tending to ourselves guarantees strength, energy and power!  To better care for ourselves and others.

We offer little value to others (or ourselves)  passed out on the ground, correct?

Helping others is a wonderful attribute.  Necessary, in fact. As long as it’s balanced.  Time for you too!

“Giving of ourselves’ (being a martyr) was created to leave ourselves fuller, not empty.

To be equal contributors within a community – among our “Tribe”.